Spring Arrangements Within Budget

Paint A Room

Renew your walls with a new coat of paint. Painting is an economic project that provides dramatic results. To help add a touch of colors with Latin inspiration, experts recommend Colors Origins, Capture the richness of colors influenced by Latin America, the vibrant palette has more than 75 colors that will resonate in the Hispanic consumer.

Renew your floors with the durability of ceramic tiles

Update the look of your kitchen or bathroom with these ceramic tiles that are durable, strong and water resistant. The slabs come in textures of soft and cozy appearance to give a versatile air to your environment, and the cost per square foot of plate is comparable or less than that of other high-quality materials for floors, mainly because it is well known that Hispanics like to do projects for themselves.

Take advantage of carpet installation promotions

When choosing a new carpet, suggest considering the following factors:

 Durability. Make sure your new rug will withstand the daily wear and tear of pedestrian traffic.
  • Type. Select a carpet that has a level of comfort appropriate for its location.
  • Color and design. Make sure your new rug matches your furniture and the design of the room. This change will not be so affordable if you also have to change the room to match the carpet!
  • Padding. A small extra expense in pads can extend the life, comfort, and appearance of your carpet.