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Leaking Pipes, Avoid the Mess

Leaking pipes are an unfortunate event, but if it occurs, you must be ready to handle the situation. If you just leave the leaking pipe alone, you’ll face a terrible mess within days!

How To Handle Leaking Water Pipes

Leaks can damage your home, waste a lot of water, and induce unwanted organic growth. Leaks and blockages are a big problem for homeowners. If you are not cautious, you can easily wind up with a big water bill if your pipes are always leaking. There are a couple of things you can do to stop water leaks.

Before we embark on the steps to stop a water leak. It’s good we also get to know what causes these water leaks.

Water leaks are mostly caused by broken seals, clogged pipes, corrosion, damaged pipe joints, excess water pressure, loose water connectors, and rapid temperature changes (1). 

Now that you have known some of the major causes of water leaks, do you know what to do when water pipes are leaking? Well, with the steps that am going to outline for you here, it will be easier to handle water leaks.

Sometimes it can be quite challenging to find the source of the leak, and it might involve breaking through walls and floors or digging up your garden to locate the leak. The tips provided below will help prevent any water leaks.

Signs of Water Leaks

  • Noisy pipes
  • Low flow rates
  • Damp patches
  • Low water pressure
  • Waterlogged garden

To confirm that you have a water leak in your home, the first thing you need to do is shut off any water-consuming appliance in your home; these are washer-dryers and dishwashers.

The next step is to turn off the water supply at the stopcock. You can locate your stopcock in the kitchen, on a boundary wall or under the kitchen sink.

Head over to your water meter and take the readings. If the readings continue increasing after half an hour, then you have a water leak.

The next thing to do is inform your utility company that you have a leaking pipe. Doing so will help you avoid paying for some or all of the wasted water. (You can find most relevant utility companies here: However, you may not be compensated if:

The leak was as an act of negligence

You have already received a leak allowance on the same property

The utility supplier informed you that your water supply line was leaking and you never took action

If the leak is coming from a pipe that is within your reach, there a couple of steps you can follow to fix the leaking.

How to Fix a Leaking Pipe

In order to fix a leaking pipe, all you need to do is first turn off the water valve to the pipe.

The next thing to do is turn on the faucets to drain the remaining water that has been left in the pipe.

Get a dry cloth and wipe the pipe dry.

Get a putty knife and scratch the pipe to put epoxy on the part that is leaking.

Use rubber to cover the leak. Ensure that you have covered the entire leak completely. You can get rubber from your nearby store.

Get a clamp and tighten the rubber on the pipe and leave it for an hour.

After the rubber has dried, use a water-resistant tape to cover the rubber to double the protection.

Turn the water valve back on and ensure that the pipe is no longer leaking.

Fixing a leak should not be difficult. If the leak turns out to be big, all you need to do is turn off the water valve and call a plumber. Big leaks will require the pipe to be cut to replace the crack with another pipe: a process that demands some expertise and use of special tools as well as soldering or cutting with special tools.

Source:  Putkiremontti Blog (1)
PS. Great resource to gain information about leaking pipes is:


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Spring Arrangements Within Budget

Paint A Room

Renew your walls with a new coat of paint. Painting is an economic project that provides dramatic results. To help add a touch of colors with Latin inspiration, experts recommend Colors Origins, Capture the richness of colors influenced by Latin America, the vibrant palette has more than 75 colors that will resonate in the Hispanic consumer.

Renew your floors with the durability of ceramic tiles

Update the look of your kitchen or bathroom with these ceramic tiles that are durable, strong and water resistant. The slabs come in textures of soft and cozy appearance to give a versatile air to your environment, and the cost per square foot of plate is comparable or less than that of other high-quality materials for floors, mainly because it is well known that Hispanics like to do projects for themselves.

Take advantage of carpet installation promotions

When choosing a new carpet, suggest considering the following factors:

 Durability. Make sure your new rug will withstand the daily wear and tear of pedestrian traffic.
  • Type. Select a carpet that has a level of comfort appropriate for its location.
  • Color and design. Make sure your new rug matches your furniture and the design of the room. This change will not be so affordable if you also have to change the room to match the carpet!
  • Padding. A small extra expense in pads can extend the life, comfort, and appearance of your carpet.


A simple tip to renovate your home is to completely clean the house and give your common spaces a fresh appearance by spending little.

For a better indoor spring cleaning result, use a natural Green Works ™ Clorox all-purpose cleaning sprayer, a sustainable cleaner that is 99 percent natural and works just as well (or better) than traditional products.

Plan ahead Check from room to room and determine the tasks to be done.

In each room, work from top to bottom, as the dust settles everywhere. Clean the ceiling fans; brush cobwebs from corners, dust off blinds and window coverings, dust furniture, clean baseboards, and floors.

In the kitchen, be sure to clean all appliances, both inside and out; the sink, which is said to be the area that has the most germs in the entire house; and the doors of cabinets and drawers.

In each bathroom, wash and disinfect the toilet, sink, bathtub, showers, and faucets.

Glad your decoration

Retouch the frames of the paintings and mirrors; add some decoration to the walls of your living room, bedroom or kitchen. The important thing is that you dare to experiment; You will see that if you do it, you will surely feel more comfortable in the spaces of your home.

Keeping harmony at home allows us to function without problems. Incredibly, everything that happens around us is a reflection of what is happening inside of ourselves. Remember that your family deserves a space of comfort, harmony and relaxation to share unforgettable moments. It’s time to change and act, use all your creativity to decorate and harmonize your home.